Courtesy of Chicago.

Founded by Nico Gibson. A group of friends, designers and entrepreneurs. We are building a brand as well as assisting other like-minded brands and companies. We all carry full-time jobs in our fields, but work during off hours to fulfill our passion. We share opportunities throughout the group and cut the share of wealth amongst those working on any given project. Specializing in Brand, Product, Photography and Events. We are diverse in our interests and our cultures.


Our Prices

We are all top in our field and do what we love out of passion not out of green. We cut out all middle men and bureaucracy to deliver faster and cheaper than competitors. We begin through a free, no hassle one hour consultation. Then we place one, two or a variety of our members to work. Based on your need we offer hourly and day rates.


Contact Us

Interested in starting or evolving your vision with us? We are always available to chat and love to collaborate. Hit us up here.