Chicago's Chance


For those who are not aware CRCL is a Chicago based brand. We have experienced the best and worst of our conflicted city for decades. Fortunate enough to have been raised without the fear of violence in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for much of our city's inner youth. Two of the larger outlets in Chicago has long been sport and music. In this article's case: basketball and hip-hop. Some of the most talented artists and athletes in the world today careers started in the city's West and South Side. During hip-hops early 2000 neo-soul movement Chicago's music scene was trickled with more positivity than what the later Drill movement brought: IE Common vs Chief Keef. This dichotomy and division between mind sets has always been palpable within Chicago. However, no fingers of blame should be pointed at youth for violence in our music, it is a cause of environment and lack of government support in areas that need much more for education, social programs and mentorship. This brings us to Chance. 

In a time where Chicago needs a role model more than ever Chance the Rapper has come and graced us with the perfect blend of artistry, anxiety, anger, love and poetry. He is an optimist and doesn't look away from Chicago's struggles and mistakes, but rather acknowledges them and reformats their existence as a creative outlet. Laying the ground work for a much more positive future in our cities streets. Much like how ball players now look at Chef Curry and emulate his jumper rather than drive. Chance is showing kids that you can be frustrated, mad, happy, in love and crazy with Chicago, without invoking violence. 

Thank you Chance.