Review/Music - Sango, Da Rocinha 3


This is the first review of many to come here on CRCL. The review does not have to be to a recent item, or a popular item. It can be solely based off of something that people in our circle are vibing with. Reviews will all be quick and easy to digest. Meaning that you have more time to enjoy whatever we are recommending.

Sango is a beat maker with a very international, tribal, South American vibe. Namely, most of his work is steeped in Brazilian swagger. His latest release Da Rocinha 3, Rocinha referencing the largest favela in Brazil is a master class in sampling new instrumentation, and samples from the southern giant. The flair and groove to Sango's production is sure to keep you motivated whether on the dance floor, or at work, grinding.

Da Rocinha 3 is about keeping the the funk roots true and paying homage to the ones that helped start it…I want to respect and show Rocinha in a positive light with this record while staying true to my sound.” - Sango  


Stand Out: Agorinha